Sunday, June 8, 2014

Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan #8) - Kim Harrison


Title: Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan/Hallows #8)
Author: Kim Harrison

Overview from

Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter—and lived to tell the tale. But she's never faced off against her own kind . . . until now.

Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment—her worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slavery. Only her enemies are strong enough to help her win her freedom. But trust comes hard when it hinges on the unscrupulous tycoon Trent Kalamack, the demon Algaliarept, and a lowlife ex-boyfriend-turned-thief.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love this series and the cast of characters (especially Jenks, the tough, foul-mouthed pixie). The plot continues to build and grow with each book, and the characters continue to develop, especially the main character, Rachel Morgan. The last couple of books have been developing the story behind Rachel's special powers and how they stem from her childhood, as well as bringing in some of the history between witches, elves, and demons. This current book continues to build on that a bit, which in my opinion, is definitely one of the more interesting sub-plots - I'm really excited to read and see where and what that will lead to.

The Rachel Morgan series is definitely in my top 5 favorite series. Rachel is a confident, strong heroine, while also being a little clumsy and insecure. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves strong female characters and urban fantasy.

Rating: A

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  1. I'm glad you are enjoying this series. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? I have the most recent one to read - I hope to get to it soon. I have the feeling we are coming to the end of the series. I will be sad when it's over!